My name is Richard Eng and I’m the Campaign Director for Smalltalk Renaissance, a non-profit organization for promoting the Smalltalk programming language. As a retiree and philanthropist for the past decade or so, I’ve devoted my time and energy to worthy causes. Previously, I collaborated with Dr. Frank Sommers to provide online psychiatric counselling for sexual matters and stress management to millions of people around the world. I created several web applications and websites, as well as mobile apps, for Dr. Sommers. I also contributed to the publication of his book on stress management. With this solid experience in the health field under my belt, I turned my attention to the education field, in particular, to raising money for scholarships. This is the reason why I have combined Smalltalk promotion with a software competition for high school students. 

On Smalltalk

Some people do not appreciate my passion for Smalltalk. They don’t share my view that the simplicity of a programming language confers enormous benefits in the process of writing software. I belong to that school of thought shared by the likes of Alan Kay (who brought you Smalltalk) and Niklaus Wirth (who brought you Oberon) and Per Brinch Hansen (who brought you Edison). And more recently, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson who brought you the Go language.

Smalltalk is also more than just a language. Its dynamic programming environment, which is equally simple, is part and parcel of the Smalltalk experience. A breath of fresh air compared to today’s complex IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.

I firmly believe that Smalltalk has the power to transform the future of software development. This is what I’m fighting for.

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